Letting Go

It felt so relieving to finally let go.

You know how your momma told you it was time to donate that doll you had named Sofia?(I still think girls should not be limited to to dolls as toys). We cried, tried to bribe our way out but we finally did. We kissed Sofia goodbye and watched her being shipped to another home, where another would probably love her more than we could.


And we survived, yet we were fragile and our minds not yet fully comprehending hurt. We lived to the next year and probably got a bike for performing well in class or sports and Sofia, she was just another passing thought.


I agree that people aren’t dolls but if the purest form of love we could have was taken away and we survived, how was it less than letting other people go from our lives; especially those that don’t appreciate our amazing selves?

Why hold onto chains that have bruised our palms to the bone,brought us to our knees and stripped away our dignity? I remember a book i read back by Pepe Minambo that talked of leaving when there were no more battles to fight. We were all meant to find love, I agree, but let’s not confuse love and constant bleeding.

Throw that Kite away sometimes if it so badly wants to leave your hand and watch to see if it comes back.

green kite flying on sky
Photo by Ammar Ahmed on Pexels.com

We are good people, I believe. We too, deserve so much good.


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