Smoking doesn’t kill

What’s your view on smoking!


Since ’13 he had been a good boy
Calm and composed, always made girls coy
He was doing great! That’s my boy
Two hours behind me, treated him as a younger bro
Finished in form, lost track in the gap year
Joined college just another boy here
Joined college not much of a dreamer here

Smoking doesn’t kill, they lied
Listened to the ad, they tried
Two minutes praising, you buyed
Ten seconds a warning, you byed

He got a lot of scars but keep them low
Felt in place, moved with the flow
Felt low, took a drug and hit a blow
But the drugs drag you low
For years, my boy stuck in the low
Got a girl, then got his dick shown
Hit a blunt then got his addiction
From fucking to him getting his life fucked up
His fingers got his life fucked up
His fingers…

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