We wanted the whole world or nothing.

Corona is real guys and I thought that this may be our last expression of art.

Welcome home again.

Have you ever doubted if you were meant to be part of a place or a system? Because you felt too different. Like the piece of puzzle that couldn’t fit in any direction you forced it. I think everyone did feel that at some point. Sometimes I wonder if we shall be the kids that committed suicide or those that became presidents, because intermediate for us was too far- fetched.

You see, one thing I adored about life was its uncertainty. The unpredictability of those same waves we had fed with our hopes, prayers and ambition. The same waves we had spoken into existence. Those same waves had, in the past taken us to places we didn’t want to be and yet we reconciled with the disappointments, saying it was life and that’s how it was, unpredictable.


I wonder if you could fall for a woman like me. I think this line has passed in the line our thoughts more than once. Us being the general average women population. You see, even when we put a show of confidence, on some days, our mirrors became traitors. We questioned the size of our…


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