I wonder if you could fall for a woman like me. I think this line has passed in the line our thoughts more than once. Us being the general average women population. You see, even when we put a show of confidence, on some days, our mirrors became traitors. We questioned the size of our tummies and our hips and even when we did not want to admit it, Instagram girls gave us a bit of depression.

We were stuck in society’s view of our skin colour, our sizes and our attitude. We had seen the trolls on Twitter and promised we would never put ourselves in a position of scrutiny. We had sometimes, realized that we were taking too much calories and we needed to cut that out. We had withdrawn int ourselves when booties were being praised and you had none to your name(And plastic surgery is too expensive)

We had, bottom line, let the words get to us and the mirrors,the mirrors were not our friends most of the time. There wasn’t a perfect picture if it wasn’t Snapchat. Our cameras showed too many blemishes. On the days we felt ugly, or the world was out to get us, we put on some makeup. That, sometimes, boosted our confidence.

What was wrong with the colour our skins that made us look for products to make us appear or be lighter, or the spots that acne left that made us look for products to cover those up, or the depressions in our thighs that made us question wearing tights or shorts. What was wrong with being unapologetically us? What did we find so condescending with ourselves?

We were what we wanted to be. Whether the want to be was tarnished by social media or capitalism of beauty products or not. We were the disgust we felt when it was the time of the month and the rashes had broken out. We were the hate we felt when we thought another woman was more beautiful. We were the pride we wore when we were comfortable with our skins.

It was no longer an art if what was underneath the glam was something we were ashamed of. So dear woman, wear yourself high.

Malkia John

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